Our Dependency on Social Media

By : Ferdimah D’costa

4th July 2021

It’s something we’ve all heard before “the generations these days can’t even go a day without their phones”, “kids these days are full-on addicted”, or my personal favorite “back in my day we used to play outside instead of being glued to phones all day like you kids” – and to an extent, I agree. We do spend a lot of time online; but it’s not just us children, it’s everyone. From the minute our eyes squint open in the morning till the late hours of night when they droop, everyone from children to adults have themselves stuck to a screen.

3 Reasons Not to Sleep With Your Phone in Your Bed | Health.com

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, all that the online world encompasses, we almost can’t live without them. Whether it’s for entertainment, research, or even work purposes we need these platforms and several others to be able to do so. But it’s not these purposes that are the problem, it’s how these platforms have turned into an integral part of our lives.

I’m pretty sure all of you have felt the need to be ‘someone’ in the online world; to memorize the top trending, to post and tweet as frequently as you can, to do whatever you can to make sure you stay ‘in the know’ and stay relevant – even if that means completely changing the way you look and post. All of this turns problematic when these things then turn into a way of determining our validity, which they almost have. The only way you can be ‘someone’ in today’s world is if you keep up with the current news and trends, if you have a great amount of followers, and if you keep up with the oh so ever-changing standards of social media. And it feels like, if you don’t, your opinions and abilities aren’t held as highly in comparison to someone with more followers or more knowledge on these topics.

The Impact of Social Media: Is it Irreplaceable?

Isn’t that why we all do it? It has become a need if not a must to be an entity on the internet; for more recognition of our talents and work, for more job opportunities because of this knowledge, as well as even more opportunities to make a living. But although this can bring us a load of more opportunities, basing our worth and success based on how we do on social media is almost in a way debilitating – reducing us to nothing but somebody else’s opinions. And it’s not only how dependent we are on social media for an estimation of our worth, it’s also how dependent we are on it to dictate what we must think and what we must believe, as well how dependent we are on it to make choices of our own lives – working ourselves up on how strangers on the internet would react.

Changing the Way You Interact Can Change Your Life

We have become dependent on social media to live our lives for us, and although it has allowed us to connect this world through these global and accessible platforms it does not mean we must turn into emotionless robots in real life for this to continue. For once, I agree with what some grownups have to say about this matter, we need to live actual lives; and I mean everybody, grownups too. We need to spend more time interacting in real life as well, along with making our own decisions, making our own choices, and also building up own self worth independent of what people online would think.

In our last post, we discussed the tremendous detrimental effects the standards of social media have had on the way we look at ourselves and the way we believe others do so. We have build an unhealthy, unethical, and undoubtedly toxic space on these platforms and we must deconstruct this toxicity to allow them to fulfill what they were made for – connecting people. This must involve evolving our dependency on social media and the content and people on it.

Ciao – Ferdimah



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One thought on “Our Dependency on Social Media

  1. So true. Glad I was never addicted to any social media. And I still barely post. I should be posting more to bring on traffic. Social media has defined a lot of the younger kids thinking they have to always be seen on social media there should be a healthy balance between online and offline. Sadly this is not the way of our world. Young and old.need to just take a break.

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