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Bianca Kamath💛

The crazy one

I’m 17 and I come from a small city in India called Mangalore. My favorite hobbies include: reading, listening to music and eating. Creating this blog is a way to stay in touch with my close friends and keep our lives intertwined with each other even after we move away and lead different lives.

Sarah Prasad 💙

The chill one

I’m the typical 17 year old from Pune, who’s keen on activities like swimming and shaking a leg (dancing). Creating this blog brings back nostalgic moments we cherished by putting forth our ideas and reminiscing beautiful memories even though we are physically distanced. I hope y’all enjoy our articles and follow us along this wonderful journey.

Anshala mathew💚

The sporty one

I’m 17 years old, and from the beautiful Sri Lanka. I love so many things, including, playing basketball, playing the piano and singing as well. Coming to the end of my school life, I’ve realized that my friends and I have come a long way, and it was time we did something that would be meaningful to us and we would cherish forever. So here I am, writing our life story with these girls, and as much as we enjoy writing, I hope you guys enjoy hearing our story. 

Ferdimah Dcosta❤

The smart one

I’m 16 years old and I come from a state in India called Goa. People describe me as a cheerful, optimistic and passionate person who, although makes jokes and likes to have fun, also knows how to be committed and take strict matters seriously and into perspective. Other than being an avid listener of music, I also enjoy singing, dancing and having fun with my close friends and family. However, my favorite interest would be trying to save our planet from the tragedy it is in, which is another reason I’ve decided to share my opinions in this blog with my friends.

Jemima kotian💜

The funny one

Hi y’all! I’m Jem, your average 17-year-old, with a passion for music and writing, and an earnest interest to put myself out there and share my experiences! With my Indian heritage and an upbringing in Dubai, I hope to base the foundation of my writing from a diverse and holistic view! This platform is nothing more than a way for my girls and I to creatively express and possibly help others our age as we go on to share our journey and ideas as high-schoolers all the way to our final year in universities, where despite being apart, we grow together!  

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