The importance of putting yourself first

By: Anshala Mathew

21st August 2021

Happiness is beautiful…most of us love seeing each other happy, because it brings more light to our lives. That’s why some of us try too hard to make people happy…be it buying endless number of expensive gifts or making choices that you may be against but is in favour of the other person. I know just stating this isn’t going to make it sound like a bad thing, however there is a limit to how much you can do to make people happy, and sometimes too much of making people happy, deteriorates the happiness within us.

Woman holds and wear masks with different emotions

If I’m being honest with you, I had no idea what I was going to write about in this blog, but a few days ago I watched the Kissing Booth part 3, on Netflix, and the message it sent out on making yourself happy and putting yourself first, helped me see life in a new way, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys, because you and I are only human, and there is so much we can learn from, to change the way we live our lives…

Elle is a normal teenager, going through the usual problems teenagers face in life. In the kissing booth 3, we see her entering the university phase of her teenage life. Me being a student almost at the end of high school and planning out my next chapter into university…I understand the pressures Elle faced in picking her dream school. However, the way she and I handled it was completely different. I on one hand, is a person who likes to do something for myself…for my happiness, so I listed down some universities that I thought I would like to attend, rather than allowing others to influence my decisions and alter my choices. However, Elle on the other hand, let the people around her influence which university she was going to go, and this is where I can happily say, that I made the right decision, while she didn’t. Why’s that you may ask? Well…it’s because letting other people influence her decisions, resulted in damaged relationships and hurt feelings, because she couldn’t make everyone around her happy, at the same time.

Sometimes in life, it is okay to do something for yourself, and for your happiness, because if we don’t satisfy some of the smallest things for ourselves, we may end up feeling distressed from the restricted feeling or the want of having to make others happy constantly. Yes, once in a while, it is nice to make people happy, this world does need more happiness…but doesn’t mean we go over the limit in doing so, just to prove ourselves to people.

Cultivate The Art Of Self-Love |

Good people will stay happy, by seeing the love and effort you put into appreciating who they are. But the wrong people in your lives, will be the ones to be disappointed and offended, when we don’t please them whenever they want.

“Never make someone a priority, when all you are to them is an option”


So please, make one change in your life. That is to make yourself happy , even in the littlest way, to ensure you maintain a healthy wellbeing, and after you put yourself first, do what you can to make the people around you happy when they need it most.

And here is something to keep in mind:

A person who likes pineapple on their pizza will eat it, but a person who doesn’t would take the pineapple off. In the same way we all are different, we all will make decisions differently…so if happiness was the pineapple, you can either choose to keep it on and make others happy to please yourself, or you can choose to take happiness off, to please yourself because you know that your happiness is what matters for now. My point is, its all about playing the game right…make wise decisions😊

Keep smiling y’all-Anshala



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