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In our journey of self – discovery and growth, we aim to simply portray teenage life in the 21st century amidst this ever-changing world.

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A beautiful discovery true friends make, is that they can grow separately without growing apart.

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– Book Review : Storm & Silence –

Before you go assuming that this book is another one of those rickety feminist or any other historic fiction novels– even though S&S is both of the aforementioned – the plot and character development that Sir Rob Their (the author) has so graciously bestowed on us is… well, I simply cannot possibly encompass with words just how exciting and giddy this book got me! *insert an awful amount of more sighing*

What do I want to be?

During our adolescent years, the weight of our futures are pushed onto us, and we rush to make a decision and push ourselves into the view of adulthood, without focusing on whether we’re ready to take that leap, whether we’re ready for that change in our lives. With the lack of actual interest or passion, the ignorance to how we actually feel, and the succumbing to everybody’s standards, we’re just sacrificing our real happiness on the terms of everybody else’s, it’s like we’re just building ourselves a recipe of disaster and regret.

The Art of Overcoming Shyness

In a world as cutthroat as ours, people will use your timidness as an opportunity to walk all over you, and you won’t have the guts to defend yourself. Don’t depend on people to come to your rescue, nothing is achieved by taking shortcuts. Now I’m done being a doormat, the real question is: are you?


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