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Hey guys! Welcome to our blog. This is a platform where we, a group of 5 teenagers, hope to regularly share a variety of content from our creative initiatives during QUARANTEEN to critical ideologies that we vehemently feel about. In our journey of self – discovery and growth, we aim to simply portray teenage life in the 21st century amidst this ever-changing world.  ❤

A beautiful discovery true friends make, is that they can grow separately without growing apart.

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“Because of My Religion?”

And so, in this time when we are imploring towards the fight for racial equality, may we also start this fight towards religious equality. There is no ‘superior’ religion or one that is any inferior, we were all made to be equals and we should never discriminate against others for having different views and beliefs of our own.

Matter of the Mind

People may not know how to deal with these feelings and the increased isolation discourages them from reaching out and asking for help. We are at our most vulnerable, mentally. How can we be certain that we won’t reach our breaking point if we don’t acknowledge that we need help in the first place?

Translucent Bodies

Rather than seeing bodies as ‘opaque’ and judging them by their skin color, see their bodies as ‘translucent’ and understand who they are on the inside, and then you will understand , no matter how some people can be of the same color, doesn’t make them all the same.


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