The Effects Of Judging People By Appearance

By: Sarah Prasad

19th July 2020

Hey Guys, welcome back to our blog. We are excited to be doing our second collab with the most talented blogger, Timesoftrials. In this blog, I will be talking about the effects of Judging people by their appearances.

We all have heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. It’s pretty obvious for the fact that majority of us don’t take it seriously. Rather we treat it as a “Cliché idiom”. Having experienced life both overweight and now on the path of losing weight, I have personally seen the difference in reactions of others towards obese people. It is generic to say that society is nicer and less judgemental to skinny people but look down upon people who are heavier. In fact 70% of obese people are fat shamed/bullied just because of their exterior appearances. I believe that judging someone based on their look is NOT AT ALL OK. It doesn’t matter if it’s about their height, weight, skin colour. We collectively should not speak against the appearance of the person if we don’t know the story behind it. There are hundreds of reasons why a person is suffering from obesity. Just imagine, if we don’t know the reasons of their appearance we may go on taunting them causing negative effects on them such as feelings of:

  • Isolation
  • Shame
  • harsh criticism
  • Self-loathing
J is for Judging Other People is a Bad Habit - Chicks Chat and Change

Judging by appearance can also lead to the person not being able to share their feelings or sought for help which can cause internal suffering/ which causes them to internalise their suffering and shame. These combined feeling can severely affect them, causing mental health problems. And as we all know, most severe cases of mental health disorders lead to depression and in some cases, suicide. This makes the individual who had the audacity to “Judge” a criminal. Now the person who judged the victim starts to feel guilty, but the damage is already done. Once a person is gone from earth, it is impossible to apologize so there’s no use of feeling bad. So why not stop and think about making a change to your mindset first rather than feel sorry later on. This leads to my question:

How can we stop Judging ?

  • Avoid Stereotyping
  • Monitor your thoughts
  • Focus on your own life
  • And lastly, put yourself in that person shoes that is being judged and just imagine how it will feel. It certainly doesn’t bring in positive vibes and for that very reason its better to stay away from it.

I hope y’all have understood the serious effects of Judging. It was amazing to work with Anushka. The first half of this collab is on her her blog, so be sure to check it out using the link below. Her Blog and Instagram links are also provided below:

Stay Safe- Sarah 🙂

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